Are Religion Bashers Atheists Looking For a New Cause

With all the hatred in the world today, especially towards foreigners, and more especially towards Muslims, another group of people, the atheists, have also come upon the scene and added to the vitriol against particular groups. Believing in God is a mental sickness, they say. They would laugh God out of existence. We all have the right to choose our own faith and when you’re older determine if you are where you think you should be. Unfortunately, this is hard to do as we inherit the teachings of our parents and don’t know any better.


A child born into Christianity, Islam or Judaism knows who he is by the time he is four. He knows he goes to church, the synagogue or mosque. He has to have an identity. And so he takes on the teachings and the scriptures which his parents have taught him. By the time he reaches the age of thirty his beliefs are well entrenched. He lives his life as a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jew, and a wise man will not interfere in the choice of his faith. One day he meets a man on the street and they discuss God and he finds out that they have very many of the same beliefs and are not so different after all.

What right does a non-believer or one who does not believe in God have that he has the right to bash another person’s faith? In his own way, he is a believer himself because he is an atheist, which is a belief system in itself. Just this afternoon I read in an article a quip by a writer who commented on a post, that bashing religion is fun because the Muslims have no sense of humor. Another one commented as follows: ‘There’s not a moral code atheists have to go by; bollocks to it, I hope to laugh religion out of existence. It deserves to be made fun of.’

Of course not all atheists are religion bashers; there are atheists who believe in the exact same things non atheists believe in, but they have difficulty articulating God. They are still in the midst of who they are and what they really believe – and so there are false claims made in the name of God, that unless you believe in a particular way that you cannot be a real child of God. Jesus belongs to the Christians; He is God. People who are not Christian do not have a God. Why do we have to fight over who God is, who is the number one God, and who God’s children are? If you are immersed in your faith and you really believe in it you do not have to fight so hard to convince those who do not share your beliefs.

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