Spirituality V. Religion: Bizarre Falsity V. Accurate Metaphysical Truth

Anyone with a weak mind or a much too tender ego ought not to read this article. Why is this so said? One of the most tremendously bogus, absolutely counterfeit, things around is either the tendentious or preposterous claim that one can be very or extremely spiritual or at least, for many, think of themselves as being somewhat spiritual or inclined, more or less, toward such a feeling or attitude.

Equally, nothing immoral or evil is seen, in this attitude, that has a clear tendency toward the demonic/satanic concerning a sense of human perfectionism involved, of the usually covert desire for a Godlike divinity, in disguised terms of reference.

However, this quest for or supposed attainment of spirituality ought to be seen as just a bad joke at best, a clear case of decided narcissism at worst. All else is really sordid self-delusion, a then glorified detritus, of the basest kind. Honest atheists, assuredly, have more plainly sure clarity of thought and a modicum of more rationality as well, in fair comparison with merely spiritual …

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The Difference Between Politics And Religion And Their Relations With Each Other

Could be said that acceptance of velayat-e faqih is an intervention in politics, and that eating policy and exposure to it by the jurist may damage the sanctity of the religious world, any Faqih, and it is for this reason must jurist should adhere only issues advisory and judiciary, and choose caution and stay away from intervene in political issues so as not to cause any suspicion of prejudice by the sanctity of his status.

According to this, we must look at the relationship between the two until it becomes clear whether the debt is prohibited on the jurist to interfere in politics or that non-religious people are seeking – through religion – in order to achieve their goals bad; For this we find them hoist the banner of separation of religion from politics and should not interfere in politics and jurist but inviolable.

In general we should know the terms religion and politics are evident even – in the context of this definition – the fact that the relationship of religion with politics.

For …

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Major Confucianism Beliefs in History

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who developed many ideas and beliefs still in practice today. An appreciated master of education, Confucius had strong opinions about respect, values, and the importance of family. His quotations are still referenced for scholastic and social pursuits.

Unity Principle was the Golden Rule in Confucianism

Confucius’ ideas can be divided into many subcategories. The first one is that of the Unity Principle. This idea is one of loyalty and reciprocity, or the belief that actions will be responded to in kind. Reciprocity is still encouraged in modern cultures under the heading of the “golden rule.” Confucius also encouraged his followers to judge others only by using self-knowledge.

Virtue Created Ideal Humanity

Another category of Confucianist thought is that of Jen, or virtue. Confucius believed that five virtues combined to create the ideal humanity. These virtues were: courtesy (etiquette), magnanimity (generosity of spirit), good faith in the gods, diligence (conscientiousness), and kindness.

According to Confucianism, these virtues were the goals all people were to strive for. Confucius also believed …

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Where To Worship?

Worship is often done in a sanctuary or other building designated for practicing religion. One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is that the only place appropriate for prayer is a church. This cannot be farther from the truth.

To worship is the act of honoring the Lord. You can honor Him at the grocery store while you’re walking through the produce aisle or even during your morning rush hour commute. God doesn’t care where and when you choose to honor Him, he just cares that you do it.

Attending Church Doesn’t Make You a Christian

People that consider themselves Christians because they attend church should not pass judgment on other fellow Christians who can’t make Sunday service at nine o’clock. Suppose someone had to work a weekend job to support their family which meant having to skip church on Sunday. Does that make him any less of a Christian?

For those of you faithful attendees of church, consider that worshipping doesn’t have to stop the minute the benediction is played. Throughout …

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What was Religion Founded For

Religion was supposed to be the glue which should bound people together. Each religion was found on basis of some tenets, common to all are peace, non-violence, truth, helping the weak and promoting the brotherhood.

In earlier times, people or tribes of people, were constantly at loggerheads. They used to fight over petty issues and had no ‘spirit of oneness’. Religions were founded by great men to give a ‘sense of identity’ to these people and give a ‘common belief’. For example, Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, Islam by Prophet Mohammad and Sikhism by Guru Nanak. All of them came in very turbulent times and tried to give a population something to think about.

For a period, it seemed they had succeeded in their mission but over a period of time, even this ‘glue’ failed.
If religion would have the binding force, Bangladesh won’t have sought a separate existence from Pakistan after a bloody war because both are predominantly Muslim countries. Even many Christian nations have fought wars for centuries among themselves. Even in …

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Our Lady of Light – Zeitoun, Egypt – Miami Alternative Religions

Our Lady of Light in Zeitoun, Egypt is number 4 in my countdown of the Top Ten Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

Many of us now think of Egypt as a Muslim state and, perhaps, the land of the ancient Pharaohs.  We forget about the Coptic, Christian faith that came sometime in the 1st century AD, long before the arrival of the Arab invaders (around 641 AD.)  Christ never set foot in Europe or the Americas, but he did live with his parents, Mary and Joseph, in Egypt.  Egypt was the haven to which the holy family fled when Herod ordered the killing of first born Jewish sons in the holy land.

The apostle Mark, widely acknowledged to be the first to write a gospel, was born in Libya in North Africa.  He returned to Africa soon after Christ’s death to begin preaching in Alexandria, Egypt.  Thus the Coptic church was born, and it continues (although persecuted)  to this day.  Members of the Coptic faith are extremely devoted to the Blessed Mother.  Therefore, it shouldn’t …

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What is Wrong with Religion Today..

What is wrong with religion you ask? Well, at the risk of angering the masses, the simple truth is that just about all of them are willing to teach you “the philosophies of men, mingled with a little scripture.”

Now before you cry heresy and gather the lynch mob, let’s think about the statement. Let’s start with basic Christianity (for brevity sake I am limiting the scope here) and it’s countless denomination. The central figure is Christ of course, and he made some very absolute statements, which whether you believe them or not is irrelevant to the discussion, he still made the statements. Christ basically said, “I am the way,” and then he went about setting up a church to facilitate the understanding of what he said, nothing wrong with that. His followers thought it a wonderful idea to jot down what he did and said as part of keeping a record for posterity. There is nothing wrong with that either, so far so good. Note though, no one was getting rich out of all …

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Are Religion Bashers Atheists Looking For a New Cause

With all the hatred in the world today, especially towards foreigners, and more especially towards Muslims, another group of people, the atheists, have also come upon the scene and added to the vitriol against particular groups. Believing in God is a mental sickness, they say. They would laugh God out of existence. We all have the right to choose our own faith and when you’re older determine if you are where you think you should be. Unfortunately, this is hard to do as we inherit the teachings of our parents and don’t know any better.


A child born into Christianity, Islam or Judaism knows who he is by the time he is four. He knows he goes to church, the synagogue or mosque. He has to have an identity. And so he takes on the teachings and the scriptures which his parents have taught him. By the time he reaches the age of thirty his beliefs are well entrenched. He lives his life as a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu …

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Our Lady of Guadalupe – Miami Alternative Religions

Number 1 on my list of the Top Ten Apparitions of the Virgin Mary has to be Mexico’s Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Guadalupe is the rock star of Virgin Mary apparitions.  Her image can be found on everything from shoes and t-shirts to pancake griddles. The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City is either the most visited, or the second most visited Catholic shrine in the world, depending on what source you check.  She even has a her own hit television show on the Spanish-language channel Univision, called, ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe.’


Each week, Our Lady of Guadalupe saves one unfortunate person from his or her terrible fate be it un-wed motherhood or a fatal illness.  Mexico’s biggest stars take turns guest starring on Our Lady’s T.V. show.  Not to be outdone, Mexico’s hottest pop, mariachi and ranchera music stars stage concerts to Our Lady in her basilica.  You can see a video of the hottest teen group in Mexico, RBD, singing to Our Lady of Guadalupe at her shrine below.  …

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Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is very much like physical health. To be healthy is to be whole or in a state of well being. Sometimes people become spiritually sick, just like their bodies might become physically sick. Some injury or infection may render the spirit weak or broken. In this case, a solution must be found and the individual may feel a sense of urgency about the matter. Of course, because our society is very pragmatic, such a sickness may go a long time without treatment, since its nature is not very well understood.


Regaining Spiritual Health

There are many ways a spirit may become sick. Individuals are just that–the treatment one person survives may be poison for another. A difficult youth, a significant loss, a long physical illness–all these may leave a person feeling incomplete or unable to interact successfully with others and the world. An infection, in a spiritual sense, is also an issue for many. Even if all other circumstances are benign, the painful feelings of dealing with a social climate where profit …

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