Religion on Film

If you’re seeking a quick and informal education in world religions, why not turn to Hollywood, Bollywood, and the global cinema for some classic entertainment along with the expansion of your spiritual horizons? I’ve conveniently waded through the murky waters for you and selected a few of my favorites when it comes to religion and the moving picture.

You’ll probably notice a few classics missing from this list, but I won’t pretend that my selection isn’t entirely subjective or remotely comprehensive. If your favorite is missing, suggest it in the discussion section and I’ll try to find it at my local movie megapolis and provide feedback!

The Jesus of Montreal (1989) Directed by Denys Arcand

This film purports to educate the viewer about the historical figure of Christ using a story-within-a-story method. Although we do learn about the cultural and historical setting from which Jesus and his followers came, the real spiritual message of the film turns out not to be Christian at all per se, but about individual spirituality and power. The quiet style …

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