Sermons On Faith

Sermons on faith tackle one of the most difficult and abstract issues in all of religion. While people can toss the term faith around and claim to have it, it’s really not that simple to achieve it. It is probably a human trait to want proof of anything which demands our action, commitment, or sacrifice; yet religion (often called faith) requires faith without proof. How does anyone achieve that?

There’s a line from Paul Simon’s song “Proof” that goes “Faith is an island in the setting sun; but proof, proof is the bottom line for everyone.” These lyrics seem to sum up the human condition perfectly when it comes to relationships, fiscal transactions, and religion. Faith is an ideal which can give us great contentment; but we spend most of our lives pursuing proof, whether or not it makes us happy.

So what is a minister to do? Sermons on faith must be among the most powerful, eloquent, and persuasive thoughts that a man of faith may impart. The Old Testament God was angered by shows of lack of faith, and, if the book of Job is to be taken literally, went to great lengths to test the faith of those in whom faith seemed unshakeable. But the Old Testament God also worked a number of miracles that gave people of the time all the proof they could want about the existence and power of God.


Sermons on Faith in Modern Times

The modern day demands faith because we do not get the kind of proof we want of the existence of God. Anything one person takes as “proof” will be questioned immediately and explained away by others in the name of science or rationalism, and we are left with the question of whether or not we as individuals, have faith. Sermons on faith can provide ways of looking at that question that can help people navigate this life-long quest, and the Internet can be a resource in finding new ways of expressing the intricate concerns relating to the topic of faith.

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