Why Religion Works

I’ve done a post on my views of religion before. One thing I neglected to include, though, is why religion is so effective at what it does.

Religion, as the saying goes, is the opiate of the masses. It’s exactly what someone in a position of power wants. Something easily manipulable, that’s trusted and adored by all the plebeians, that not only distracts, but governs their lives. It’s system is brilliant.

It’s sprung on the person in moments of weakness. It’s always, “Depressed? Confused? Lost? Turn to Jesus!”, not “Content? Happy? Enjoying life? Turn to Jesus!”.

So, someone going through some rough times is presented with this apparent solution. It’s their fault for not trusting God, and worshiping him! Their told that God has all their answers, all they need to do is establish a relationship with him. It fills in possible gaps in their understanding of the world, and makes them feel good.

So, alright, they go to church, where the rules they are to live by are laid down. Don’t agree? Uh-oh!

Satan has invaded your spirit! Satan will torture for eternity if you don’t escape his grasp! Turn to God, do what he asks of you, and you will be rewarded for eternity! Don’t let Satan win!

So, they start to do what they’re told. They live by it, they do everything by it, from the silly traditions to hatred of enemies.

And then, at birth, they start on their children. Threatened with eternal punishment, they of course fall into line.

All of them are taught that everything good is from God, all bad is from Satan. God has all the answers and salvation. Generations pass, and you have a human race so mentally enslaved that they refuse to accept anything else.

Don’t do this. Do this. Vote this way. God wants us to win the war. We are God’s chosen people.

God will save me.

It’s worked for so long. And, what’s this? We’ve started to smarten up. Some are breaking free. And you see the reaction.

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