Where To Worship?

Worship is often done in a sanctuary or other building designated for practicing religion. One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is that the only place appropriate for prayer is a church. This cannot be farther from the truth.

To worship is the act of honoring the Lord. You can honor Him at the grocery store while you’re walking through the produce aisle or even during your morning rush hour commute. God doesn’t care where and when you choose to honor Him, he just cares that you do it.

Attending Church Doesn’t Make You a Christian

People that consider themselves Christians because they attend church should not pass judgment on other fellow Christians who can’t make Sunday service at nine o’clock. Suppose someone had to work a weekend job to support their family which meant having to skip church on Sunday. Does that make him any less of a Christian?

For those of you faithful attendees of church, consider that worshipping doesn’t have to stop the minute the benediction is played. Throughout the week, in any activity you do, stop for a minute or two and think of God. Thank him for all that you have and ask Him what you can do to help spread the word of Christianity. That small gesture is an act of your sincere devotion.



There is no scripture that support a building of a church for Christians to worship. If you read the gospel Jesus didn’t do His father will in a building. This is the reason He said, go into the highways and byways preaching the gospel.” Jesus stayed on the go walking, preaching, and teaching about His father’s business. This new modern church building is not biblical at all, Christians today they go to church come out and go back the next week it’s a pattern. We as Christians will be held accountable for our works. Our works is to put those sandles on like Jesus did and get out and spread the gospel the word of God. The only group who does it like Jesus did is the Jehovah’s Witnesses. There building is strickly for studying and they go out and witness. They don’t have a choir, or all these other things that main stream gospel churches have which is keeping them from doing God’s Holy will. Our lives as Christians has become a lazy life good for nothing and we are always whining about our situations. We have fallen asleep and the world has raised up weapons against us to a point where we can’t even witness in the work place or public if we tried. From my understanding the church building worship came from Constantine. Did Constantine bring you the gospel no Jesus did. Read the scriptures and see if you can find one word from Jesus telling His disciples to go and build a building to worship the father in. It’s not there from what i’ve read the only reason the people of Isreal built a temple is because they made sacrifices to God and this was God’s way of presenting Himself to them. We have Jesus He is our ultimate sacrifice holy and acceptable, not goats and bulls anymore.

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